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Review of the month - looking back at December

Before we get stuck in to 2014, just one more look back with my usual review of the month just gone.

I try to always make the positive list longer than the negative list so.......
  1. We earned enough money in December for January's budget
  2. We caught up on news with our Sisters and Brothers in law.
  3. Our son and his girlfriend came to visit for the weekend.
  4. Buying the bargain trailer that hooks on the mower will make life much easier for Him Outside.
  5. Food spending for Christmas and December was well down on other years leaving me some bonus money.
  6. We had a quiet Christmas with just Father in law,brother in law, youngest and her bloke here for Christmas dinner and just us four oldies for the rest of the day.
  7. We had lots of lovely Christmas presents, books, chocolates, a watch each, a red microwave!
  8. We still have vegetables in the garden for the rest of the winter.
  9. We still have enough meat in the freezer for nearly 2 months.
  10. We enjoyed some Christmas Specials on TV
  11. Our eldest daughter got engaged
  12. We were given 2 pheasants
  13. Lots of good books from the library van
  14. The chickens are back to laying well, despite the muddy field
  15. The potato/squash/pumpkin field has been mucked and ploughed
  16. Him Outside doing more work for the County Council - a bonus income.

On the negative side of the equation
    The middle polytunnel was damaged by the storms, needing repairs to the frame and a new plastic cover. Then another bit of fence blown over 4 days later.

    My Christmas present cupboard is bare. So I shall be searching car boots, charity shops and doing a bit of making ASAP.

    Everywhere is very wet and muddy and some jobs that should have been done haven't been started.

    So once again less negatives than positives, I hope this continues into 2014.

    Before I go I must say a big HELLO and WELCOME to several people who have clicked the follower button over the last few days. Hope you enjoy reading about our simple Suffolk smallholding.

    Back Tomorrow to start a month of normal  posts - Keeeeep Frugalling!


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